Le teint des roches

The rocks of Gèdre, a small village in the heart of the Pyrenees, offers a unique point of view on the graphic and qualities of minerals. Being attracted by the intensity of the colourful shades, my objective was to extract the natural pigments from the rocks in order to create a new material. Questioning the integration of the qualities of a natural material for the benefit of creative design. The random reactions produced by the rock composition, it's pigments and plaster, the diversity of tones obtained attracted my attention on the fragments of the stones, comparable for certain to garnets, a symbol of energy and strength. The legend calls it the Heroes Stones. Only the bravest between them, to prove their courage, walks in the night along rocky paths, could see the stone that glitters in the dark. The bravest tasted the stone because the garnet strengthened perseverance, self-confidence and happiness.