About me

Graduated from a higher diploma of applied arts at LAAB in Rennes, each of my projects began with the discovery of a territory and these specificities. By combining materials, know-how and the cultural identity of a place, I researched, developed and produced objects that bared witness to my encounters.

My principal resources of inspiration have been nature and cultural cross. During my travels, each colour, texture, sensation, observation, encounter and know-how discovered are all inception for my projects. Having a particular interest in the work of the material, my exploratory approach allows me to extend an empirical research based on cultural and social questions. Each of my projects comprises a method of social work that took advantage of the exchange, sharing of ideas, knowledge and energies transmitted during meetings. My various collaborations with craftsmen, industrialists, scientists and users reconfirm my desire to follow this method oriented on the combination of knowledge and practices. In addition, my experience in culinary design allowed me to refine my creative identity. Working with food as a material to cultivate, fiddle and shape constitute my desire to approach design by the discovery of a material. This work method allows me to combine material, know-how and sensitivity, three words that today constitute the fiber of my creation.